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Instructions for use video

Instructions for using UROX


The UROX system parts

UROX basic system consists of:

  • UROX step capsule for urine collection with cup 
  • UROX gaiter with integrated urine bag
  • UROX underwear that keeps step the capsule in place

UROX accessory consists of:

  • UROX toiletry bag for discreet storage of systemet
  • UROX softener for cleaning and protection against harmful bacteria
  • Tape measure for selecting the right size steps capsule and gaiter

Selecting the size of the cup, gaiters and underwear

UROX Capsule
The cup on the step the capsule is the same for all sizes but the membrane that seals around the penis are available in 3 sizes. M, L & XL.
You can measure the circumference of the penis shaft (flaccid) with a tape measure.

  • M circumference of 26-34 mm
  • L to the circumference of 30-38 mm
  • XL to the circumference of 34-42 mm

If the membrane is chosen too large, leaks may occur. If size is chosen too small, then it will be uncomfortable and blood circulation in the penis can be stopped.

UROX Gamache
Gaiter available in 3 sizes: M, L and XL. You can measure the circumference of the calf at its thickest point and choose the size that fits:

  • M circumference for  33-38 cm
  • L circumference for 37-43 cm
  • XL circumference for 42-45 cm

UROX Pants
Trunks follows normal mens sizes. Just pick the size you normally use in underpants. The underpants can also be used alone.

Adjusting the length of the tube and assembly of the system

UROX step capsule comes with 50cm long hose.

When you have UROX system, then it is most comfortable, safe and unobtrusive if the hose is the correct length. If the hose is too long, seen it clearly in the pants when you sit down and it is too short so the bag will pull the hose when you go - especially if one takes a big step for example. to step over a puddle.

The hose is cut just above with scissors. Most will have cut 5-10 cm of. Hose is mounted on the hose at the top of the gaiter UROX.

It is important that the tube reaching the bottom so it is securely fastened.

Spigot can possibly. Moisten with water, then hose slips easily in the bottom.

The tap on the outlet tube is closed. The drain hose is folded up and put into the small hook.

Always remember to close the tap.

UROX mounting of the system on the penis and the legs

When the system is assembled, it can be taken on.

  1. During the first trousers
  2. Set UROX gaiter on the calf of the left leg. The fabric should be facing backwards so that the tap on the inside of the leg about ankle
  3. Steps capsule pierced the fly in UROX trousers
  4. The penis is inserted in step capsule
  5. It all smothered little place for a comfortable fit

Emptying of the urine bag in the gaiter UROX

The bag is emptied easiest meanwhile it sits on the leg.

  1. Set foot on the toilet bowl
  2. Take the tap off the hook and let it point into the pan
  3. Open the tap and drain bag
  4. Squeeze also possible. air out of the bag
  5. Close the tap
  6. Wipe the tap tip with a little paper
  7. Put the tap in place in the small hook

Removing the system

One does not need to take the pants to remove UROX system.

  1. Empty the urine bag in the gaiter UROX
  2. Open the trousers and remove UROX step the capsule of the penis.
  3. Take the step capsule out through the fly in UROX underbuksen. Wipe any. urine to prevent drips
  4. Via the hose hanging UROX step capsule onto the gaiter. Pull UROX gaiter leg and let step capsule and hose follow through trouser leg.

Cleaning and Storage

When UROX step capsule and UROX gaiter desired reused, clean it with UROX softener to avoid bacteria and odor. UROX system is best cleaned immediately after detachment when it is assembled.

  1. Fill the warm water in the cup and allow to into the bag until it is nearly full.
  2. Empty the water out of the toilet
  3. Pump 1-2 times UROC softener into the cup and shake around so the agent is distributed everywhere inside the cup
  4. Fill warm water in the cup and let it drain into the bag.
  5. Continue rinsing for all the color is gone.
  6. Remember to turn off the tap
  7. Wipe UROX system externally. Do not use the dryer or blow dryer.
  8. Keep UROX system discreet, for example. in UROX bag or in a closet. Avoid storing the system in direct sunlight.

Recycling and Disposal

UROX gaiter and UROX Step Capsule can be used several times before you have to throw out the pieces. UROX disposed of with household rubbish.

Used UROX gaiter more than 3-5 days so you risk leakage. UROX step capsule should be able to keep a little longer but no more than 1 month. The membrane is very thin and flexible and will after some time get cracks at the edges. The cup must also be inspected forrevneri transition between the outlet and the cup. There will eventually get cracks where the stud can move up and down. In both cases there is a risk of leakage and UROX step capsule should be replaced.