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Size guide

Selecting the size of the cup, gaiters and underwear

UROX Capsule
The cup on the step the capsule is the same for all sizes but the membrane that seals around the penis are available in 3 sizes. M, L & XL.
You can measure the circumference of the penis shaft (flaccid) with a tape measure.

  • M circumference of 26-34 mm
  • L to the circumference of 30-38 mm
  • XL to the circumference of 34-42 mm

If the membrane is chosen too large, leaks may occur. If size is chosen too small, then it will be uncomfortable and blood circulation in the penis can be stopped.

UROX Gamache
Gaiter available in 3 sizes: M, L and XL. You can measure the circumference of the calf at its thickest point and choose the size that fits:

  • M circumference for  33-38 cm
  • L circumference for 37-43 cm
  • XL circumference for 42-45 cm

UROX Pants
Trunks follows normal mens sizes. Just pick the size you normally use in underpants. The underpants can also be used alone.