About UROX



Nobody will notice a UROX worn under an ordinary pair of loose pants. The urine bag is integrated in a smooth fitting stretch-gaiter. It allows the wearer to move comfortably, even when the bag is full. An extra long outlet-tap gives you plenty of opportunities to empty the urine-bag discretely, even when you are outdoors – far away from the nearest washroom.


Male diapers do not provide you with full protection against wetting your pants. Unplanned voiding can be so powerful, that traditional absorbers are unable to accommodate them fast enough. The Urox system however will allow urine to be drained away fast enough to keep you dry and confident, every time.  And the outlet on the bag has a simple safety feature that ensures that it is closed, after you have emptied it – even if you had forgotten about it. 


UROX is designed to fit your body and allow you to move freely. It is easy to put on, and so comfortable to wear that you tend to forget, that you are wearing it. The anatomic and functional design is a far cry from the institutional look of traditional medical devices. Like glasses and hearing aids, UROX is a tool allowing modern men to retain their dignity and the lifestyle, they enjoy.


UROX is designed for reuse. It is durable, made of high quality materials and easy to keep clean. If handled with prudence and maintained properly, the system can last for months. Reusing saves you money, and makes UROX one of the most affordable urine collection systems to use, despite its top functionality and comfort. Maintaining and reusing your UROX can be your private contribution to protect the environment.