UROX Pro Monthly pack

DKK 519,00

The UROX month pack consists of:
1 x UROX cup
4 x UROX gaiter with integrated urine bag
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The cup is the same for all sizes but the membrane that seals around the penis are available in 3 sizes, small medium and large. If you dont know which size to choose, you can measure the approximate circumference of the penis shaft (flaccid) with a tape measure.

  • Small circumference of 25-35 mm
  • Medium circumference of 30-40 mm
  • Large circumference of 35-45 mm

UROX Gaiter

The gaiter available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. If You don’t know which size to choose, you can measure the circumference of the calf at its thickest point and choose the size that fits:

  • Small circumference of 30-40 cm
  • Medium circumference of 37-43 cm
  • Large circumference of 42-45 cm

Additional information

Size Cup

Small, Medium, Large

Size Gaiter

Small, Medium, Large

Size Fixation pants

Small, Medium, Large