UROX Pro Starter pack

DKK 559,00

The UROX starter pack consists of:
1 x UROX cup
1 x UROX gaiter with integrated urine bag
1 x UROX fixation pants
1 x UROX toiletry bag
1 x UROX disinfectant for cleaning


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The cup is the same for all sizes but the membrane that seals around the penis are available in 3 sizes, small medium and large. If you dont know which size to choose, you can measure the approximate circumference of the penis shaft (flaccid) with a tape measure.

  • Small circumference of 25-35 mm
  • Medium circumference of 30-40 mm
  • Large circumference of 35-45 mm

UROX Gaiter

The gaiter available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. If You don’t know which size to choose, you can measure the circumference of the calf at its thickest point and choose the size that fits:

  • Small circumference of 30-40 cm
  • Medium circumference of 37-43 cm
  • Large circumference of 42-45 cm

UROX Fixation pants

Fixation pants follows normal men’s sizes. Just pick the size you normally use in underpants. The underpants can also be used alone.

Additional information

Size Cup

Small, Medium, Large

Size Gaiter

Small, Medium, Large

Size Fixation pants

Small, Medium, Large