UROX Pro Fixation pants Black


UROX underwear to keep the step capsule in place.

Available in 4 sizes.

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UROX Pro Fixation pants Black
Fixation pants follows normal men’s sizes. Just pick the size you normally use in underpants.
The underpants can also be used alone.
Read more about how to use the UROX Pro Fixation pants with the UROX Pro system here.

Putting on the UROX system

1. UROX mounting of the system on the penis and the legs

The system is ready to be worn, as soon as you have adjusted the length of the tube and fixed the tube on the gaiter. Here is the easiest way to put it on:

  1. Put on the fixation pants
  2. Put the UROX gaiter on the calf of your left leg. The fabric should be facing backwards so that the tap is placed on the inside of the leg, just above the ankle
  3. Put the cup through the fly in the fixation pants
  4. Insert your penis through the membrane in the cup
  5. Make sure you have a comfortable fit.
  6. Ready to go!

2. Emptying of the urine bag in the gaiter UROX

You will find it most convenient to empty the bag, while the gaiter sits on your leg.

  1. Put your foot on the edge of the toilet
  2. Click the outlet tap out of the lock on the gaiter, and point it into the bowl
  3. Open the tap and empty the bag into the toilet
  4. While the tap is still open, flatten the bag with your hand, to get any remining air out
  5. Close the tap
  6. Wipe the tip og the tap with a little paper
  7. Fold the tap up again and fix it in its lock

3. How to take off the UROX system

You can take your UROX off without removing your trousers.

  1. Make sure the urine bag in the gaiter is empty. (See above)
  2. Open your trousers and remove the cup from your penis.
  3. Pull the cup out through the fly in the fixation pants.  Wipe away any urine to prevent dripping
  4. Take off the gaiter. When you take it off, the tube and the cup should follow through the leg of your trousers.  To avoid tearing the gaiter, you may want to take your shoe off before you pull the gaiter over the foot.

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