Urinary incontinence treatment for men – No Obstacle to Your Freedom!

I am afraid of urinating in my pants in public! Do you sometimes think like that? And does that fear prevent you from participating in social events at work, going to concerts and the theater in your free time, or playing sports? Yes, the questions may sound a bit direct and intrusive for many. But the reality is that urinary problems – urinary incontinence – are a big issue for many men. And indeed, urinary incontinence is not only something that older men experience – male incontinence can be a challenge for men of all ages.

If you address your problem with involuntary urination, also called incontinence, you will find that you regain your freedom. The freedom to participate in sports, social events, and the freedom to go with family and friends to the theater, concerts, and restaurants – and all the other places you visit to enjoy your spare time. There are many ways to go – underwear and pads for male incontinence, stoma bags, wear a male diaper, or even get a bladder ostomy. But there is also a simpler way to go, namely the urine bag collector from Urox. Urox is a male incontinence device (urine bag collector for men) that is reusable, environmentally friendly, and does not involve any use of a catheter or operations.

What is urinary incontinence?

Many men who experience involuntary urination immediately think of prostate problems and prostate cancer. But although the prostate can be the source of many problems with urinary incontinence, there can be many other and less serious reasons why men feel that they are not able to emptying their bladder properly, and that they either dribble in their pants or suddenly have to urinate.

Here is some information about the different types of causes for male incontinence:

  • Stress and urinary incontinence: Stress incontinence means that you suddenly need to urinate if you are engaged in physical activities. Many have the idea that stress and urinary incontinence mostly affects women, but many men also get stress incontinence. You will experience dribbling in your pants or urinating a fair amount – but not that you can’t stop once the pressure is relieved.
  • Urge incontinence: Urge incontinence for men means that you often need to urinate, even if you have just done so. The bladder is overactive and tells you that you need to urinate even if there is only a small amount of urine in the bladder; this is called residual urine. You get a sudden intense urge to urinate.
  • Overflow incontinence: The cause is often an enlarged prostate in men and therefore something that typically affects the 50+ age group. You dribble in your pants or there is a small leak of urine in your underwear.

You can also have a combination of stress incontinence and urge incontinence, which can pose some challenges if treated with medication.

Urox – Effective male incontinence device

An effective solution for male incontinence can be the Urox system. With Urox, you neither need to use male diapers, wear pants diapers, nor use incontinence pads for men. Instead, the urine is collected through a tube into a bag that you attach to your calf. And you do not need to use a catheter or stoma bag, which many do not like. This means that Urox poses no risk of infection or anything else – everything is ‘mounted externally’, if we may put it that way. And everything can be used multiple times, so you do not have a large and costly waste of disposable items. You do not need to use disposable bags as with an ostomy. Urox is therefore also better for the environment.

You can see how Urox works here.

Do I lose my masculinity?

The fear of wetting / dribbling in your pants can keep you away from all the fun. You might think there is no more trips to the city, a short urban vacation for an extended weekend, or just going shopping when the paycheck has just arrived. We understand these considerations when having problem with involuntary dribbling after urination. However, by using Urox – our effective system for urine collection / urinary incontinence, you can quickly regain your freedom and live completely normally again. It is never good to isolate yourself, and there is absolutely no reason to do so just because you are a man with incontinence problems.

It is smart to use male incontinence devices like Urox. If you are in doubt about whether you lose your masculinity and dignity, we must simply say that you do not! On the contrary, you will experience great freedom and joy by not having to have a toilet within seconds’ reach all the time. If you can get to the toilet before you urinate, then that is fine – but otherwise, you can just urinate where you are and empty the urine collection bag later when you are home or have access to a toilet or another place where you can have some privacy.

Most people experience incontinence as something private and very personal, but you share the problem with lots of people. The mental barriers to dealing with what can be done about the urge to urinate in men and the different types of urinary incontinence are entirely understandable. With Urox urine collection aids, there is no danger of uncontrolled leakage or that your problem can be seen by others. So, focus on your mental barriers against regaining your freedom back – give it a try!